The logo of Mutiara Smart is a microcosm of three encompassing ellipses, reprenting innovation, integrity, and intellect-value, essential to an outstanding leader in the world of I.T. The ellipses themselves evoke a dynamic entity, evolving as an organization that is constantly re-inventing itself to take on new challenges.


 The overlapping of the ellipses, with vivid colours merging into one another, also potrays collaborative partnership and creativity at work, both synergistically within the company and also with partners and customers alike. Each component plays an equal part, complementing each other perfectly with an encompassing spirit.


The various colours used in ellipses represent different values:


Orange colour represents a dynamic energy that promotes steadfast success just as it stimulates symbiotic growth. Warm and vibrant, it is at once creative and contemporary.


Red colour represents a collective strength of spirit that inspires courage and innovation. Symbolic of fire, it burnts bright to suggestan inherent vibrancy and optimism.


Fuschia or dark purple colour represents a richness of spirit that potrays strength of character. Self-assured and in keeping with the times, it also enhances creativity.


Beige colour that serves as a background to the overlapping ellipses represents a calm simplicity and steadfastness


The bright, bold look of the smart logo is indicative of a company that is constantly on the go, never content to rest on its laurels. With an expanding global outlook, it is filled with a boundless enthusiasm to scale barriers and break boundaries.


Mutiara Smart Sdn.Bhd.

Level 7, North Wing ,

Lot 12122, Tech Mahindra Main Building,

Persiaran APEC, 

63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, MALAYSIA. 

Tel. No.: 603-8230 0900

Fax No.: 603-8230 0902

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